Monday, November 28, 2016

Lyrics To The Song"Introduction(skit)"From"That New Album"By Point One

Lyrics To The Song"Introduction(skit)"From"That New Album"By Point One
the seventh consecutive album released by Point One since 2010
(2016) (c) Ascap   

 ****  Instrumental Loop Found On Studio Floor


“I Like The Way You Look At Me,,,

     Looking Hot,

           Want To Touch,

It Makes Me Happy,,,,

     Im Into Pulling Your Dress Up

   An Eating So Sloppy,,

Something Like Sushi,,,
   But Not


Im A High Roller
    Mean That

Im High Rollin,,,
       Pistol Tucked In My Jeans

Quarter Ounce Of Coca Cola,

Im A Drug Dealer,

          Dro Seller,,

Police Briber,,

Probably Pay The D.A, If That Fag Didn’t Say Something,,

       We Roll In
     Than Im Out,

     Its My House,

Take My Route,

 Then We Safe,

                                   With No Doubt,,,

That’s How I Ride


Police Right Behind Me,,

                  That’s What Youll Find On Me,,

Gun Underneath The Seat,,

     Why Try Phonie!!?,,,”

(Verse 1)

“Strictly Illegal,

     Shipping Bricks To My People,,,

The Hard White And See Thru,,,

What Ever You Might Need Boo, ,,,

I Gets You,,

      You Gots Me,,,,,

We In There,,,,,

So Don’t Play Games,,,

Cuz We Don’t Play Fair,,

And Who Cares,,,,”

         “OOOOhhhh  Yeahhh”

“I See You,,,

    Guns tay Locked And Loaded,,,

Hand On Chrome Then,,,,

  Im A Pull The Trigger Like BooYaakkk,,

As Your Sole Lifts  

Watch These Bullets,,,

        Prayers On Pulpits,,,

Pastor Cryen,,

    With No Forgiveness,,

“So Stop Trying”

                “Your Lying “   

        -----Track End-----

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