Saturday, December 25, 2010


this.   im a live  shits beautifull......
whatever the outcome  as the clouds im around     and the gryme i servive in   ......  if i can   live in this i can die for that......merrychristmass

Thursday, December 23, 2010


good night baby........  as you lay in the bed  im about to go to....   i just want to let you know ..  i love you        


first i have to say thanks to la**y at the 7~11   for the free 5 pack of peach optimos.....   thats  v.i.p....    or   the sponsorship of swisher sweet... they dont even sell 5 packs of peach there....     much respect....
im back.. the o.g cush was free       .......i love wemon  a player.................pause...let me flame....
i love that sound of matches lighting, the way the sweet tasts in my lips as the flame reaches the tip........    press the  wood tip in my lips    and what the streets  call a hustler.........  the games most hated is  the best to know...........i love lyfe    ....    v.i.p....  is  being known           fuck being important   ,      i  get the special treetment on g~p......   what  else  is a two strike non snitching fellon whos known in this bitch  sapose to say.....  i give respect   to get it back            heres    1.21$   for  the kids

                                                                 as  the  smoke     inflames the screen  i inhale and ash on a scratch lottery ticket, and tear when the smoke hits my right temple.......    wettness#2

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


its cold out here......   the rains been falling for a week it seems. and everythings so far away  ( except that light green no seed cali stuff  )    ...   and last night had me on stuck...    i didnt even know that there was that many police in the 5 city area (ag,ox3,grover beach, avila beach,? what #5 is   lol)  thats cali for us...                                   have you ever walked in the rain and thanked god for keeping you dry ?

that was me last night........    the fuzz put me in it first     ... i love the spot light      .....  i just kept going with it

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


on the phone with my producer....    about to roll 1 up...  listining to some g shit... with  babygirl  on the bed in the room and  me going thru distribution paperwork..........   lol  the games tuff... after  the  paper work  goes  goes the in  street sales  and  foot to hand manigment.....      point one

Monday, December 20, 2010

lyfe(in the rain)

the best partof yesterday was the 2 hr convo. with my famly .   whats crazy is that were both trapped in this flood......  this rain is hecktic......      the southern half of cali is   drownding.....   and   then theres  me seeing people walk down the street with rafts.....   lol      im a player   of this game  lol        im a walk  because im carless  and  im a go get whateevers needed......   first in lyne  is money.....wemon.....   lol     yeah       money!!!!!!!   im the u-s-p-s           if you think rain-sleet-hail-or-snow isgoing to stop me fraom doing my job  lol       your wrong ..................  and   me.....         im off!!!!!!!  lol

Saturday, December 18, 2010


im a hustler and a hustler is going to do what he needs to do to get to where he needs... i wake up in the morning and tell my self  " are you hungry"         i dont answer myself because that would be crazy... but i know that  that question i asked my self was me seeing how addament i am to want this lyfe....    im a get it...   as the rain trickles down on the central coast of california....  and  i remynd myself... i dont believe in luck  i believe in god...

           im a hustler player....   gamblers play the game not knowing of there going to win or lose...
    a win or break even on purpose.......hustle

Friday, December 17, 2010


on the pch/101 south bound to the harbor 10freeway at 8am on a beautifull day.. god grants us this lyfe  so we ryde i wont stop
and this hands dealt with good tyming.     racing ambulances going in the same direction.. being with my girl and her girl .. looking up blocking the sun with the visor at every turn...  and the way the water/light mixture just reflects in my eye lids,  "haha,,,and it feels so good" with  the newly paved and under construction highway set it off ......and got back at 6pm
keep it breef..p

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


ive been stuck in lyfe amd lost in tyme,   maybe its been the weed ive been burning, its nowher close to propper  ...     ive been giving it away as    ..   wouldnt that be a tax deduction... all i know is tomarrows trip to la la land( L A)  is going to make that better... all love and good night...p

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

lyfe( lyricks to aftertreat)

"(         =  dubs                        )"
i start at point one, throwing tre' dubbs up
purple haze stash, got aliz'e in the cup
legs spread on the pool table
me in the middle
i got my mic in my palm
digital instramental

keep pushin out tracks, call me amtrack man
first class, cuz the money come from ascap fam
it's wasted if its not less then a gram in a sweet
that girls crazy want a hit
shes a quarter horse freek
                       "come on"

feds lookin for my grip, gotta price on my head
pistol gripped in my palm, cuz they want me dead
say im making to much, pleasure loot un-taxed
got the streets blocked off, and there running in fast

A-T-F  on they shirt, drug task force comin
incence--- lick your lips-when you come-say whats up
drove off call me block buster
but calm down
com- take  e-bay- dont leave names
south cali bound!

"medical blunts mixed with kief hash---hot tubs pushin 90 degrees"

ohh yeah be the first tyme you heard it, capone dubb e-n-t
said yeah i own it
people hate point one's got the badest bitch
j-dub hit the block with the tightest spliff
                                                           "light it up!!"

see the poe,seen me smoke my bitch
damn nothin,
give a damn---bout a police switch

i got pain nigga in my heart to see and its deep
with these tears fallen down my cheek at 20 years old

heavy weight clyentell--come round
come and get four keys-me!
im bout them O-Gees
mo hits--mo bomb weed
cali green--seven leaves--no seeds
on the street
chevy tone
rope and round beats
                              "(                                          )'
"california two stryke fellon------------kentucky state ball---en"

feelin lyke slip n slide and i stay on the grynd
hard tymes whyle im locked down
stay on my mynd
lyricks acapella
so i stay, stay on the beat
if a job dont work im a stay on the street

turn a gram to a p,  --  and a pound to a key
real hustla's them niggas serve dirt to eat
                                        "damn" w/echo
"(                                         )"

i feel flint a playa made me
 way back up
looking down at you fucks
sippin yac in a cup
blue dot in the blunt--burnin benjamins up
middle finger to the police, hands on my nuts

"that girls hotter then louisiana hot sauce"
"take her pants off an get your rocks on"
"i aint gonna bother you baby"
"because whore, cuz you myne "
"and we can both stay in the studio"
"and stay on the grynd"-spendin all of the tyme

"you can look in my face"
"sorry but i see your feelings playa"
"all the scars and pain"
"you need to put motha fuckas to sleep"

"(                                                   )"

baby if you needed to--- could serve it
that ass --- im a playa girl
give me all dat cash
an welcome to, the entertainment endustry
manicures, pedicures
and all the finest indo weed

nothing less then an ounce, cuz its how we roll
put yo ass in a jetta, with some clean ass clothes

all you need to know
is all you need to know
drop it low
and get this paper for me ho
an go--

lets stack that green fo sho--window tippin
i be on a mission
bitches start strippin
make moves big pimpin
300 for an hour and i be the new addition

cold hold it down
gold pirex points
put the phone rang slow
open, pop that cuz!!

you can bang to lose,
club girls and all that shit still refuse to lose

Monday, December 13, 2010


its a beautifull day,    im sittin in these girbaud's, a blunt burnt throwback, and some off white  cream dirty color white shoes that cost a dub ? maybe 3$  lol    im blunted off some grand daddy purp . whatching these girls go by. thinking of myne  and liveing a good life..   
 why not live it, get it , have it.........  
        i was on   and  looking at some of the lyricks ...   got me stuck..   them shits are long  lol     and  the police latly been  cool around this block,  i havent seen  besides one pull over?    im blunted lol   try not to pull me over  ...  lol   and  the  dunes went off ~ the oceano beach off ramp/parking lot in oceano ca, was under construction    i was there for a min.    and  it was   some  shit   knowing that nobody could roll up without 20 ft or driving up notice is lovely.... lol  there was a truck on the beach  ?     (could have been the police)  if it was  they were asleep lol      i went to work......   thinking of who the lookout was on the onramp  in grover beach, ca  was   to make sure buisness went down corectly on the dunes ~  keep   it g

                                                     i left the  portable  bag in the ryde  lol

Saturday, December 11, 2010


for everybody in the world  who doesnt know what a good night is  it  consists of       4-5 wemon   split in two sets,  along with  more  in the first section of the day   then  you add  doing whatever you want where ever you want  and  getting the blessing of the black and whites or the bku and whutes   ........  seeing respect  makes  the best day...  having people stop you in trafic to say the music i bang is hot...... thats a day
and im not stopping  it only gets better...........   i only give out sectionals.....  so as i lay down and put my psalm on another breast.....   im a smile..........and u..........  you can do what you do on any other friday    lol
                                                                                                                                          masterbate   lol
                                                                                                                                            pornhubs  free lol    fag!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

lyfe "lyricks to how come"

" how come"
                   i cant get a government job
i got people looking at me lyke i hustle an rob

"how come"
                  it's so hard so i cant feed the kids
these food stamps dont help and the wic aint shit

"how come"
                 i go to college and i have 2 jobs
but i cant get a loan or a credit card

"how come"
                 all the police, know my name
but they dont want to support or here shit i say

"how come"
                i have to grynd just to pay the rent
feed myself, dress the young, and pay the phone bill pimp

"how come"
                i make that , minimum wage
doing whatever i gotta do so, a playa can get payed

                                   im a hustla from back in the old days
                              sippin yac, old E, on the corner
                                  with blaze fire, we smoke weed
                              get fucked up, do any thing to get paper
                                  im a hustla never a hater step in flyboogaters

                               yeah  heard   what i say
                                 and your girl loves me
                                i spread game shit from the back
                               been ------pen--ten---tree

                              but i dont love it, dont lease shit
                             and  how come they wont just
                              let me out
                               they say they overcrowed
                              but they kept me in

"goodnight all you boys n girls"
"layen in your beds all around the world"

                              wether its
4 in the morning
and theres nobody yawning
see were just tryin, close your eyes

count the sheep, close your lids dont, make a peep
but if ya-
see the mouse, let him creep , let him creep
watch him-
get his cheese
let him-
slide into his house
neath the crib so he can go feed his mouth
the crew, and his boys
you know--,--how it is
we dont, have no toys
but we stays with a toaster
and im not speaking on the ones for the bread
talking bout the thang
that you load the bullets straight to your head


yeah thats the sound of that shawty
quick to rattle your body no night mares young homie

"how come"
                i cant get a government job
i got , people lookin at me lyke im hustlen raw
"how come"
                its so hard to get food for the kids
i cant get food stamps,  and the wic aint shit
"how come"
                im in college and i have two jobs
 pluss i cant geta credit,  or a f****on job
                 all the police know my name
but they dont want to support or hear shit i say

                              im a hustla, hustla, bat an gat cha
run bases,
               under neath the black lights
and see all faces
see the lights on the freeway gliss'n
as im,
sittin in  the limo
doing what i gotts to demo

        bang, shit, ho---
and -,-i
ryde--slyde--past your base n say im fly
smoke a blunt -- under,neath the blue
and beautifull black sky as i
prey to god
im ---a

 you could  nair not dare ever come n fuck me

                                             (pause for beat)1sec
                                      "goodnight" x 6

"how come"
                 i cant get a government job
i got people looking at me lyke im hustl'n raw
"how come"
               its so hard to get food for the kids
these food stamps dont help,--and the wic aint shit

                               thats the sound of the shawty
                              quick to rattle your body
                               no night mares young home--y

                           "good night all  you boys n girls"
                         " laying in your beds all around the world"
                         "wether its"
                             "4 in the morning and theres nobody yawning"
                        "see we just try'n close are eyes"
                        "count the sheep--, close your lids"
                         "dont make a peep"
                           "but if ya"
                          "see the mouse--let him creep,--let him creep"
                         "watch him---"
                        "get his cheese,--let him slide into his house"
               "under"--neath the crib , so he can go and feed his mouth
                         "the crew,-- and his boys"
                         "you know,--  how it is"
                      "we dont have no toys"
                       "but he stays -with a toaster"
                  "and im not speakin on the one for the bread"
                  "talkin bout the thang that loads the bullets for ya head"

                              yeah thats the sound of the shawty
                            quick to rattle your bodys
                                   of them hype mares homie!!

                     "how come"
                                      wit jip jybe

Thursday, December 9, 2010

lyfe(lyrick to "we be out there")

we be out there stackin' green
scaling cavy out on tripple beams
nothing in this lyfe is what it seem's
coke zone's weigh digitally
                                                     -at least im real though-

never been the nigga to boast but break bitches
lie not me  - sorry  - ya left with hurt feeling
i was raised to be made willing
showed how to make a killing
then right before pimping
moved straight on to dealing
        music's in my blood
just lyke the girl's that i love
light her up, take a puff
exhale the smoke from my lungs
this a hustla stays vicious
as the revenue comes
pluss im still on parole
and ive been on the run
seen the bubble of the jar
and kept my hand on the gun
he was taught by the sharks to eat the guppies that come

im a winner not a loser
when i fall i get up
points ill lead you
i dont follow learn to get off my nutts
ill cook it once
ill do it twice
and ill do it again
ive allready payed my dues for this lyfe of sin

i was told from the begin
that nobodys givin shit
but im not down to take
and i have to feed the kids

                                 "so i hustle"
                                  "and i hustle"
                                 "so i hustle"
                                  "and i hustle"

im out there in the cold
rain, sleet, hail, or snow
selling my cd's at the grocery store

i see cats passing me up
not giving a fuck!!!
all i need is a buck so points can get on the buss

i work hard everyday
pluss i struggle to servive
in the game tell i die
music's my 9 to 9

sittin down at this table lookin up at the grey sky
whyle i say god thank you
never gotta ask him why

i do things nice
 cuz its how a nigga is
even though i notice carma never gave me shit!!
people lookin at me sideways
im just tryin to make a hit
doing what i love-
as im pushin out my gift

                                   "so i hustle"
                                    "and i hustle"
                                    "so i hustle"
                                    "and i hustle"

we be out there stackin' green
scaling cavy out on tripple beams
nothing in this lyfe is what it seem's
coke zone's weigh digitally
                                                     -at least im real though!!!

people want to turn me back into a dog
that izzm nigga dont give a fuck about all yall
who set yo ass in the rain
with no close and 1 thought
"if your cold fynd a trick with a car
and run thru raindrop's"

i love too much
& i hate to little
i'd wish i'd cry
just to heal my feelings

but i dont see it happening
so i stay rock cold
all i need is love
just to heal my sole

as i walk cross the street
to the liqour store
pick up another sweet
and begin to roll

i dont mean to look a fiend
but only 1 brings eaze
so im a blow out the smoke
in this air i breath
ask god for forgivness
steady count my green
wages of sin mean death
so im -r -i- p
look i still have to feed the    k-  i-  dees
and you look at me as if im doing the wrong thing!!!

i could be out there
selling dope to kids
but just lyke all yall i dont respect that shit

but im not the one to let my loved ones go starving
so---pussy,  money, weed,  drugs you can call me--

                              "i'm a hustla man"
                             "im a hustla man"
                                     "im a"
                                      "im a"
                                "im a hustla man"
                                      "im a hustla man"
                                "im a hustla man"

we be out there stackin' green
scaling cavy out on tripple beams
nothing in this lyfe is what it seem's
coke zone's weigh digitally
                                                     -at least im real though

im telling you im a dog
i just dont give a fuck
lyke a pit bull snaps
eat you motha fucka's up
when people starve they'll do anything
im telling you that
so if my babys need to eat
im a go grab the gat
wash my hands of the blood
watch it go down the sink
grab the bleach
so there aint no evidence leaked
put on some new clothes
then burn the old ones up
then dissgard the ashes
feed um with corn to the ducks

and ryde to the store to get the family lunch

                                  "im a hustla man"

i've held 3 jobs so i could pay the rent
sold omlets to lifers cuz im legit
i've sold drugs, pimped whores, stole cars
ascap,robbed stores
and im a two strike fellon
with not shit to lose
i go to school to prove
 to all you motha fuckas that this nigga here is tru
fuck if you dont listn  heres a middle finger too
from point one to you
and everbody you screwed
                                      "i hustle"
                            "i hustle"

we be out there stackin' green
scaling cavy out on tripple beams
nothing in this lyfe is what it seem's
coke zone's weigh digitally
                                                     -at least im real though