Tuesday, November 30, 2010


and im off!!!!!
just lyke the  ryde that all most fucked us up last night... its all good though        i was running them bases        you know the ones we run after we hit 3 or 4 home runs    ......   today blowin good sticky... and seeing beautifull badys....   tasten good sweets       the would sourounded by fyne hoes 
                                                                            and im off   to  get this paper

Monday, November 29, 2010

lyfe(parade aftermath and morning after)

i woke up freezing!!! this cold shiv just isn't the buisness..... lol..     last night i was running down old arroyo grande , california  handing out candy too kids  and flyers too my websites too adults.... ive got too keep it street and  bangen down the street braided up handing candy out to kids and seeing everybodys face light up is that shit....
the holloween show didnt even have shit on lastnight.. fuck if you want to see it check me out on you tube...  big ups too the ag,gb  fire and pd   they held it down    .....      those blockades aint no bitch     lol     and to have my crazy ass passing out shiv  lol    im a g................. p

Sunday, November 28, 2010


im up early because everthing starts before day break... i have a parade at 330pm   and  prep before that  i have too get braided  fitted up cleaned   and  grab some tree pluss the raps ---on that--im switching too clear chills( a new type af cone wrap)   --    and the days about too unwynd..   o  did i forget too say church........     it should be known im going......   you might not believe  but im allways in need of a santuary... 

                                let us prey.............................................................

     my lyfe ........in memory of  my grand parents   whose names i want to say.. but i feel as if putting 1 in front of the others would be wrong  all mean more than the world too me........  my lyfe......  in memory of my bloodlyne......        thank you god.... amen!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


i dont believe in luck i believe in god!!!!
so last night when i was looking for something too do and i found a winning lottery ticket, then as i proceed to cash it in for another  to see that that one is also a winner, and the next one, the next 1, and again....
god kept me buissy last night.. loland then  on the last ticket  i went into the 7-11   bought a dollar ticket   and told the cashier to grab me a winners claim form......  and with the ticket i bought i won.....
i dont believe in luck  i believe in god.... im a hustler not a gambler ...
                  i can see me eating.. in the near future ...  as for now  im starving!!!!
   and im a get it!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


eatin about 75 shrimp  ..its cold as a motha fucka   and im sober.. its that tyme of the month   close too the first  lol...  i put some hot shit down today  and  i wish there wasnt that many people in stacked.. it was packed..  what was funny is that i knew both of you..   shorty knows.. i aint mad at cha.. lol  it was a cool 15 monthes  ..lol   ..  i say that because i learn something from  everything..  i go too work and talk too people who were in wars , and the great depression   we talk about things of value.. justv lyke a curtious whats up with a head nod,  sorry for not saying excuse me it was a crazy day...   and now to excorcise too sweat this tree out of my blood.


im tired of being a dog     the same nigga you see is the same nigga that ill laugh when others die      and i see now that america wants a nigga too fall   OK   but this one right here wont  im on top of my game   and  im a keep going..  or be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lyfe(ice blocks)

damn its cold !!!!!    and hows a nigga so twisted off this cookie and these blunts   ...?        i have my babys in the bed behind me  ...  one in the telly and another in the othere room..  im a get it!!     what im really on is this b m i tip      this paper isnt free  and im cold and hungry...    this suroundings decorated but the only thing keeping me warm are the girls  the weed  and the

have you ever seen the  cold frost mixed with doja smoke and sex  be blown out the mouth after a hit    get it n eat!!!!!!!  and this next rillo was shot too me  by the  cage homie p   and props too chairity  for the rillo last week       all love    p 

Thursday, November 25, 2010


happy thanks giving night!!!   lget it or get got!      its been    good,  i ate with the peoples, talked too the loved ones  and even rolled too the L-Q and chucked the duce up too the bright lights  lol(  this is un spoken   but ecknowledged-             keep it real  when your doing your job ryding round        shit,   with all love  if yall see me,  let me know what yall think bout the music  i shot a copy too a bigbody cruiser  in grover beach   whyle selling cds at vons    all love  )  i  put two track samples on youtube  check um  out     let me know the buisness   im a burn 1more     and contomplate   this parade shoot  on sunday 

all love   p   --  whyle i sit with these  beauties   i love       so
                                                                                                       "ladys  lets  talk  "      the beds ready!!!


im a be straight real!!!!!!!    i missed yesterdays blog because i was on the job tell the midnight darkness..  bangin out two more slumpers for your trunk.. Have a great thanks giving.. and for everybody who  sees me ryding down the block.. when i try too  give a smyle  and you dont respect it.. OK   .. your thanks giving can get fucked  lol lol      except for the thanks  that god gets....
and for everybody who doesnt believe in him..  theres  something too give thanks for...
keep it g      and    when  these tracks are copywritten   youll be the first after my fam. too here it  lol


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


i saw  how these cats were today   AMERICA  !!!    im in front of the vons  in grover beach CA     , its raining    im giving out roses   and selling cds,     and on the white poster board signs  i made  that i had taped up too the palm trees im standing between,  which stated "2$ of the 5   that i get from each cd goes too chairity,    and i still get sidewayslooks.....     OK      i could be selling d   or    pimping your bitch,daughter,mom,sister,teacher, or otherwyse......  so take it from   points      ... im a real nigga    and  i lost money today           but it was all  for the good!!!!   i see how too aproach it now     ...    i just want   you too know  america    im a good nigga    and when i payed that kid   3 dollars      because i sold 1 cd  and he was in the rain lyke me     and when i saw that elderly lady drop those  napkins and not know      , i   left my equipment and my money too take them too her.... that was me  being a real nigga   ..........   im real    you dont want me too eat guppies.......   take that as the truth     i learned how to do this   from lyfe.... and im not going to let  shit stop me.........    so im a end this  by  me saying  fuck all those fucks who looked at me funny for doing something possitive       FUCK OFF!!!!!      and i keep going.....   i just  grabbed   2 more  instra.   real playas dont stop  lol         "   fa shoggadat"

Monday, November 22, 2010


i just woke up, took a shower  and freshend up....  now im ready!!!!!   im a fight today.. im copying these next 100 cd's  so a nigga can eat  and im sorry world ,  but im not stopping     the worlds not stopping for me  and its cold out here     we need too eat   were hungry....   so point one  is going too get it  and  climb that mountin.......................     ill be out there rain, sleet , and or snow!!!!!!!   im a get it!!!!!!    regardless if you buy it  or not im a be out there    im a hustler   i sold dope when i was a kid too feed the children   and im telling you now.... if i can hustle  out the sand box  and sell shoes too a parapalegic w/no feet  i can sell 100,000  copys of my debut album  single    and im not going too stop tell im there......     "FA SHOOGA DAT!!!!"   -meaning  tru- !!!    p

Sunday, November 21, 2010


a nigga cant feel his fingers enough too roll this next blunt... or feel the keys too this comp.  but i still will.....                 its cold , rainy,     its been a long day................. my phone wont work     virizon wont help
lol    so im off       my phones my money  and i dont sell d   any more...................    i need  my connections     thats all i have...   people who love    wont listn        some of us need help...... have you ever seen a nigga whos heart  is hard.....  so quick too  lose everything loved  and not care.....   he doesnt want too   .  that old nigga who had    a bitch standing in the snow in daisy dukes and a under tee  after doing weekends   in county....   thats that izzm.....    and i can feel it regaining power   ....    im good at it   but i dont want it          ........ and lyke that day in kentucky       all i can  and will say    .... is  i love you baby girl   but you got out of pocket  and 1nce is too much......   ive lost more than your worth  so the feelings of regret  arre left  with my swipe in the bitches mouth who trained you!!!!!!   and  all i can say is its cold out side and i love you                  i need my phone.... thats counciling...      i have people i call and that call me in tymes lyke this...............................grab  your blanket  its cold out side!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


i woke up round 10am       saw the  day shine.....   touched  ,smelt, and tasted   the beauty god gave me    .... i love my lyfe                went to work got paper  ...   burned a few blunts    threw some new shiv on youtube        and i still dont remember the day            im in love with the shyne!!!


point one dissclosed location


Its 3:03am saterday morning im sitting in the bed with two bad ass broads  mmm mm mmm thinking and grabbing and tasting  there sweet ...."gooshi"..........   Damn!!  baby girl   a niggas good just  living between you two.   just being  comfortable  is all a nigga needs...          so overall its been a good night!!!!   so  now as i contomplate getting some ice cream from the 7-11           ...........   ay    shorty!!!  with your soft body ass   let a nigga touch those lips......   and   i think about how tomarrow mornings  going too be lovely...    mmm mm        hows  a nigga do it        ......      my eyes  are porn movies      since the first picture   all these  girls need to do is touch ..........  let point one play!!@ therealpointone.blogspot.com      lol         thinkin  about all the beautifull sexy queens of  awwwww i love it ... and girl thats doing this song right now    i love her fine self      1  truth    im a get her first     ,.........  squizzin her thighs to the mixt beat.......eat those feet   and   then fuck # 2     wheres     !!!!@#@ at    lol                      all love                   as the rain on the central coast bangs down  and the beat rydes on.... i want some ice cream.......probally some miri-   lol   o   i got that        girls@     & 7- 11  and here                        
                                                                                      the mist is deep

Friday, November 19, 2010


so im sitting  thinking about love, lyfe  (and how a nigga feels lyke the straight doogi howzer?  loL)  its a rainy day on the central coast     and the last few days   been dark around  330 in the afternoon    shits been crazy........    i tryed to put some raw ass heart felt shiv on youtube    .....    it was hot    ...   but the comp.. didnt want to publish   so    3 peach optimos down   4 takes  and   some freestyles  i get one that  pubblished and i take it  needless to say its bullshiv     so i burn it...  lol    and   know im a do one tonight....      i have too take care of my girl.....   all love.p

prison shiv(webcam)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

lyfe(still in the mist)

my boy over here bangin this beat out  as  shorty chills on the couch   with her peoples  .... two diffrent rooms......  i roll in from the seven eleven across the street ..       after   smokin  over 8 grams today a nigga all blown   but  still......  1.62  for a peach optimo        damn!!!!!lol             so its sitting right next too me!!!           im a leave a     ?    lol           and im off  .
            i went to the hospital  today                                                hows it so cold out here on the central coast california, at 7      and its been misty  since 330pm    with the sky lookin lyke its   9:00     

  but  im lovin every second!!!!      of it       yo   baby    lets   ryde   and toss that ass up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     bang this beat        drop this game lyke hot wax        blades and the shiv i love          kiss me girl!!!!!!!    lol      i say that after you did it and showd her before !!!!  playa all love                 conceptions!!!!!  p

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lyfe(the mists been deep)

so im standing here at selinas salon  in groverbeach CA   rocking too the   XM radio...... and i reflect on the course of the day  ......    and it was !!!   all good,no bad.....   smiles hit my face     shit a nigga even went to school at cuesta college in san luis obispo... i have a great .....LYFE.....   sourounded  by "GOOSHI"    i'm in the spot where most want...   and im still on the low... we have too  !!!   
so     the highlight of the day         you can fynd me at the buss stop  wrighhting the next track   bangin the beat out of my laptop  thats sitting ontop of a paper machine       and    lol   i was  going too ryde the buss for musical influince     and  check me out  lol   i end up  in   overdose 2 this produktions  ryde      who takes a buss  gives  a dollar too a girl who onley needs change   and  ends up in  a car slumpin   "POINTS'  or "Point One   !!!!!    get it my niggas         im a smoke 1 more  !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lyfe(in the midst of the haze)

how it can get dark at 330-4 is above me so as we move the ryde  around the streets through the midst of the haze.   inhale this sweet       blow the smoke mixed with frost too a french-inhale and dip.       the day started beautifully  if i could get calls from my loved ones everyday i would be in heaven.    so i get off the phone clean up(take a shower) then ryde........  im out...... down the pike on my step... a real nigga knows that everyonce in a whyle a  get aways needed  and  sliden down the block with recording equipment    to go clip a q of tree ...    ( i was told  to get it    and its got... lol)   ...   is the best medication.........  we clip    and then  im off to go tow the car that mysteriously   stoped ketching gear    another blunt burned and were off too follow the truck too where its to be kept     .. we talk money talk....  drop the wip off and roll out..                                                                    lol      shorty  i need my memory back!!!   damn 8-9 blunt a days killin me!!!  lol             by         5 pm its midnight dark outside   i roll too the salon with my babygirl selina       and its money talk       "gooshi"     tonights a manicure   and thinking about braids and waxes    im a player baby    a niggas gota get it or be got!!!!!!!   in the midst of the haze!!!!             love you ladys!!!   

Monday, November 15, 2010


sexy eyes!!!!!!         so a nigga woke up dry,   OK! , i wasnt dry  i just didnt have the regular two blunts  i still found a way to burn two lol  yeah i said it.!!  lol          ok  well i do my regular mornig routeen and   i end up on a  an O C lowryder bicycle ryden up and down pike ave. in arroyo grande CA,  trying to get too Selina's s Salon  on Oak Park blv.  behind the china buffet, but steadally getting interupted....       FUCK!!!lol          so i end up   (besides high)lol     getting on track, and i'm ryden this lowryder byke and figgure out damn!!!   this shivs some exercise.......lol      as the light hits the diomand braclets to enhance the earring as i chuck the duce and laugh at everybody who looks      ........           i roll up to the salon    park the ryder   walk in and comence to walk to my girl  too swoop a touch of that "gooshi"(pussy or love)     mmm mm mmm   talk too  the two,      and walk to set up shop   start pulling computers out  whyle setting them up   when   i end up redurected too the middle of Grand ave. across from the Mc donnalds in Grover City     changing a flat tire on one of the girls cars        -and i will say    i didnt mynd   i'm cool to help   it was a nice day   sunny , beautifull    and even though i was right in traffic   what i did was alot more  than alot of these motha fucks that out there can say   and  i loved it.      so that gets done         i rolled up to the salon on a lowryder byke left in a BMW    fixed and left in a jeep switched  too a  rondevu that took me to  applebees where they ended up sippin and i enden up   lol     me .   left           did ascap   and    5 blunts later   +  work and 
                                                 its a beautifull lyfe                "let me feel that gooshi"

i saw the head nod

Sunday, November 14, 2010


it was a nice ass day  sat on the block in the sun smoking swishers  pushin out the next 8 instramentsls
as the smoke rises and leaves my lungs i remanynse  ................   fuck i love the coast!!!!!!!!  central cali 5city ways    the southern half of cali bangen      i woke up with 3 girls and 4 blunts   i ate 4 more blunts and two wemon for lunch  lol  i love the beauty god gave us regardless sex , i dont want your body     all i need is your mynd  im into money, wemon,music                                          i just thought about it  lol    them boys didnt roll up on me  lol  good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

lyfe(too long for face book)

for everybody    who would lyke too get a  good person with a tallent and two strikes whos tried and got shut down in real jobs  because of my background               a man with the hardest work ethic around     and  alot of refrences        im trying too stay  away from lyfe  in a cell   if i cant  fynd a real job ill make 1             get at my videos  on you tube   point1caponedubbent       pluss   therealpointone.blogspot.com    tagged.com/point_one.com                                        people say too stop doing wrong and i have  gods with me          im a real                       with the tru                                lets eat     ascap every quarter  all song copywrote  i went and  am going to college   have and am looking for a job    and   do what my lyricks say in verse 2 of my song aftertreat on my album single       hit up soundcloud.com  under  point one    look under user              but the videos let me eat             lets eat      7-11 weat breads   3.19     

Friday, November 12, 2010


lol   shivs funny         lol        high 7 pluss three blunts into the day and here we go!!! daylight saving tyme keeps the shyn off. so were out side all night .     you can fynd me in selinas salon in arroyo grande, ca   getting braided, nails  ,  wax,   my nigga   gotta get it  look clean and stay in the pressence of beauty   and love,        love it          fuck the game   and all the bull shiv thats mixed in it    thats s'why i burn a minimum of 5-10 sweets's dayley    i love my famley, the wemon around it and the money buisness that comes        now let me ryde out.                          soundcloud.com       artist point one           you tube     as point1caponedubbent                                                                                and tagged.com/point_one                if you subscribe or watch the song       on the quarter my ascap chech comes  we can break bread                            get at me


firs i have to start by saying i would never be a snitch or help the police in any way im 1 too live by the code     as you grow in the game you see that after you did so much tyme and and have two strikes you see running and hiding from them doest work as good as a friendly conversation with them     kynd of lyke a relation ship with the devil           i wont work for them but i lyke too talk and know what your thinking     you know         ok   now on to another day in the lyfe of point one i was doing my thang    walking from the car i broke today after jumping from 5 towns 3 beaches the monarch butterflys and  to feed the ducks  (this is real by the  way  lol )  with my two baby cuzzins and my girls 15 yr old son.   ok  on to the walk    lol   sorry .  lol             well i walk from the car  dark outside when who do i see  but a black and white sherrif oceano div.   baby girl drives past  turns  they turn there lights on from a block away  and slowly creep too me    lol   so im walking    real niggas do it on clear nights.  lol    ok          so lyke any body else who would roll up on me   i say  "what good"     and the responce i get is  "  is that justin myers"  from one officer  ( now i see i should have gotton names   lol )   then from the next "your justin myers right"        so i reply "   yeah thats me    whats the buisness "  lol            and question number two    " your on parole right still"     i couldnt see if ive seen them before     but in this area lol   im me nigga   lollol         back nto the tyme         "yeah im on parole whats  up"                they ask where i was coming from        i say my car      then i lift the air with a joke on why its broke  "   learning how to drive a manual  transmissions a motha fucka  "  (  and  yes  i did   lol)everybody laffs     and    question  #    ?      where you going        i say  my macanics house             we laugh again       i tell them    that i keep wanting to shoot my cd too  any black and white   or blue and white car    but everytyme i get    lol( wink wink) a chanch  -meaning pulled over walking or otherwise   and some tymes its 1200 in the after noon   and im going across the street too the 7 11 to get a peach optimo      and they just stop to tell me whats up  lol              and i tell them too look at sound cloud.com look under point one   and on youtube under point1caponedubbent     also facebook    under point  one   get it lol    im real    tnhey roll  do a youturn and ryde     just then i see my girls car   i  holler out her name ******  she stays at the stop sign i tell her what happened and to go park           and here i go to burn one talk to the macanic and get a few more blunts      i love the lyfe

                                                        the lights the camra the music celebrity   lol  get it