Sunday, June 5, 2011

"todays the fifth of june 2011"off top search justin david myers/caponedubbent

" just movin' , get that Gucci, seven elevens like this commercial artists's playground  , I cant say i aint love the fact of all the prospects,key items,and venues to solicit myself.Im not even saying im anything but me, and for those who want to know , that "commercial" word - comes in, only because of 1 thing, that people put it out there to be sold,   ...  and im sorry it turns to that, because on the real everybody can have my music for free, and ill  be the first to give it to you, but presently at this moment people in my life that i love seem to be happier if i do this, but i do want the World to know im not commercial, im just Me, and everything that comes with my life, thats just my lodge dishwasher salary,  if you want to come ,,   lets roll, if your cool you can ride, all women and children first, tell the boats get to max capacity" Justin D. Myers/Point One       

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"lyfe" as i sit today on may 31st 2011"

"may-i"    "   whats was i"    dont never doubt  me,  im that nigga thats sexen your girl" Point one" Justin D myers